Roasted Flour “Squeeze” Cookies

Squeeze CookiesI followed the recipe of Chocolate and Zucchini for these roasted flour “squeeze” cookies. They had a lot more flavor than I was expecting, but I thought they were just okay. I think it fundamentally comes down to the fact that I don’t like this type of shortbread cookie. I want another flavor or some add-ins or just something more. It seems too plain to me.

Snickery Squares, Modified

Snickery SquaresOnce again, from Dorie’s book, Baking, I made a recipe. This time it was the Snickery Squares that caught my eye.  However, I made several major modifications to this recipe. From my dulce de leche macarons, I had some praline made with almonds leftover that I used in place of the caramelized peanuts. I also had the remaining dulce de leche as well as the caramel from the banana cream pie. Instead of using a prepared dulce de leche (as suggested by the recipe) I mixed these two and heated them until it was creamy and it was just under 1.5 cups.  I used the chocolate topping followed by just a sprinkling of the almonds on top.  These were delicious.  They came out great and had a nice contrast of flavors.  The only downside is since I used a mish-mash of items, it will be hard to recreate exactly.  This was also a recipe selection of Tuesdays with Dorie.

Chocolate Salon

I went to the Chocolate Salon in San Francisco and it was absolutely great. I unfortunately did not bring a camera so I can’t share any pictures. The only downsides were that it was very crowded and it was an unseasonably hot day; I was worried about the chocolate melting so I didn’t purchase any.  My favorite bar was from Amano Artisan Chocolate.   It was a 70% single source from Madagascar and was very fruity, but still dark chocolate.  I also liked the bar with chili powder from Jade Chocolates, but the girls at the table were totally useless and couldn’t tell me where I could buy it locally, they didn’t have any cards/brochures listing a website and basically I expect to never find this chocolate again.  I also enjoyed the truffles but none stand out as being outstanding.