Caramel Banana Cupcakes

Caramel Banana CupcakeThe flavor combination of caramel and banana jumped out at me as sounding delicious, so I decided to take a chance on a Everyday With Rachael Ray magazine recipe for Caramel Banana Cupcakes.  I used Kraft caramels, which are easy to find in the fall prior to Halloween, but harder to find at other times of the year.   The cake recipe was slightly complicated, requiring egg whites to be whipped separately, but the frosting was fairly easy to make.  Overall, this recipe worked out well and the results were tasty.  I would have preferred if the caramels melted just a little more in the center of the cupcakes, I was hoping for an easy caramel filling, while these stayed fairly solid.  I think instead of putting in solid pieces, I might cut up the caramels into smaller chunks and disperse them in a few places.    With the banana, the cupcakes were moist and had a good texture.   I might make this recipe again, but I would probably be inclined to try a different recipe first.

Maple Gingersnaps

Maple GingersnapsThis recipe is from Eggs on Sunday, but I only made the cookies.  These were okay, but not perfect.  I didn’t get grade B syrup, so one problem could be that my syrup was too light.  They also spread out much more than I anticipated.  I made about 45 cookies, so they certainly weren’t too small.  They were soft with only a little bit of crisp, but I wanted more flavor.   I like gingersnaps but I still haven’t found my perfect recipe yet.