Beater Blade vs. SideSwipe

I have been using the Beater Blade for the past several recipes and I now feel I can write an honest review about it.  It is extremely weight-light since it is made entirely of plastic (polycarbonate) and I was concerned it would not have the force necessary to mix everything well.   I like it and it does do a reasonable job of wiping down the sides of the bowl, but I still need to go through with a spatula for some of the “sticker” recipes.  I feel like it leaves more residue than the SideSwipe every did.   The Beater Blade did not strain the motor.   The SideSwipe seemed to cause some motor strain and a very small rocking of the mixing.  Overall I preferred the SwideSwipe, up until the point where it broke.  I can be perfectly happy with the Beater Blade, however, if it also breaks in short amount of time, I think I’d be more likely to replace it with the SideSwipe.   I have also noticed that a few major retailers have started carrying the Beater Blade (just within the last week or two) and I suspect it will be more widely available in the future.

2 thoughts on “Beater Blade vs. SideSwipe”

  1. Thanks for this review! I just got a SideWipe for Christmas and was researching it a little. I appreciate hearing the comparison of the two. =) I’m looking forward to using the SideSwipe (though I’m sad about receiving AFTER the Christmas baking rush…but…c’est la vie. 😉 )

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