Beater Blade vs. SideSwipe

I have been using the Beater Blade for the past several recipes and I now feel I can write an honest review about it.  It is extremely weight-light since it is made entirely of plastic (polycarbonate) and I was concerned it would not have the force necessary to mix everything well.   I like it and it does do a reasonable job of wiping down the sides of the bowl, but I still need to go through with a spatula for some of the “sticker” recipes.  I feel like it leaves more residue than the SideSwipe every did.   The Beater Blade did not strain the motor.   The SideSwipe seemed to cause some motor strain and a very small rocking of the mixing.  Overall I preferred the SwideSwipe, up until the point where it broke.  I can be perfectly happy with the Beater Blade, however, if it also breaks in short amount of time, I think I’d be more likely to replace it with the SideSwipe.   I have also noticed that a few major retailers have started carrying the Beater Blade (just within the last week or two) and I suspect it will be more widely available in the future.

Free Chocolate

I came across this link for free chocolate.  I have no idea if it is good and you have to give an email address and then confirm a link to get the chocolate, so use an e-mail address that you can check but can ignore whatever spam this will surely sign one up for.

KitchenAid Mixer Extra

SideSwipeA while ago I purchsed a SideSwipe blade.  I aboslutely loved it and it made the KitchenAid mixer much more efficient and easier to use since I didn’t have to stop to scrape the sides or bottom.   I purchased it in January of this year and two weeks ago one of the silicone “fans” tore and separated from the main structure.  This rendered it useless.  I am quite sad about it since it really did improve a device that already functioned well.  I am going to try to glue it back together (I “borrowed” some silicone glue from work) and I also purchased a competitor’s design, the Beater Blade Plus.  I’m not sure it’s worth the $30 every 8 months or so if it continues to break at the same interval.

Dessert Porn

Oatmeal Bars I am hosting a dessert party soon and I need to find new recipes that I want to make. The recipes and pictures are dessert porn. Mmm. Ahh. Look at that smooth and silky ganache, the cracked top on the souffle, the curve of the bundt cake, the bold presence of the chocolate oatmeal bars.