TWD: Irish Soda Bread

This was one of the two monthly recipes from the Tuesdays with Dorie group.  I thought it was timely for the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday.  This recipe was hosted by Cathy of My Culinary Mission and Carla of Chocolate Moosey.

Irish Soda Bread with currants and caraway seeds

I thought the recipe would be too plain so I added 6 oz of currants and 2 Tbl of caraway seeds. This was delicious. I brought some to work and it disappeared quite quickly. This was “rustic” looking to say the least. The dough were very sticky and it was hard to shape round, but this worked.

TWD: White Loaves, Just Like White Bread

White Loaves is the first recipe of version 2.0 of Tuesdays with Dorie using the book Baking with Julia. Since this is the first recipe of the reboot the hosts are the organizers of the group, Laurie and Jules, and the recipe can be found on their blog entry for the recipe.

Sliced White Loaves

This was a simple bread recipe using yeast, some sugar, salt, and butter. Either bread flour or all-purpose flour could be used and I split the difference using half of each. My criticism of the book is that the recipes are in volume and especially for the bread recipes, I wish it was listed in weights.  More recent books have started to make the switch and this one is older, published in 1996. From the introduction, I do know the book uses the “scoop-and-sweep” method so I did the same.  The dough came together very easily in my mixer.  I have two different loaf pans, one metal and one silicone and was curious to compare them.
Comparing Silicone and Metal Pans

These two pans were extremely comparable and I could not really tell the difference from the baked bread.  The silicone one might be a touch darker, but I did not rotate the pans in the oven and I strongly suspect the difference relates more to the placement in the oven than pans.  I was surprised because I did have some problems with this set of silicone pans and wasn’t sure I could trust them, but it was not an issue.   I did take both loaves of the pan for the last five minutes to crisp up the sides, but both were fairly even already.

Pan Comparison

Overall, this was was good bread.  There was nothing exciting about it, but fresh homemade bread is always good.  I was surprised that the crust was a bit crunchy, I expect my white to be soft.  If I every needed a simple recipe, I wold consider making this again, but more likely I would look for something else.

I’m Joining TWD v. 2.0!

I have been following Tuesdays with Dorie since the group started, but was nervous about the commitment and having to bake a recipe a week and blog them in a timely fashion.  I baked some of the first recipes (Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake and Snickery Squares) but could not convince myself to write-up the recipes to correspond to the schedule.  I realized I was not going to bake a recipe a week. Eventually the group loosened the participation a bit and I have made a lot of recipes from the book (not all of them managed to get written up on my blog).

I was really glad to see that the group was doing a version 2 with another book by Dorie Greenspan and less stringent requirements. The book, Baking with Julia: Savor the Joys of Baking with America’s Best Bakers, looks like it has a nice mixture of yeast-based breads and desserts so I won’t overdo the sweets.   I also like the the new format of the group that asks for 1 recipe a month and posts the recipes a month in advance.  I’m excited about participating and I hope to keep my blog updated and maybe even post some of my backlog recipes.