Chocolate Adventure Contest Launch Party

I have been a regular reader of Tablehopper for a few years now. I have intermittently entered some of her contests to win tickets to events and never had any luck. Until this time. When I read the about the Chocolate Adventure Contest party I felt a flutter in my heart and wished I could attend. And I did! I won! I was one of the 15 lucky Tablehopper readers who received an invite to the party.

It is sponsored by Scharffen Berger and TuttiFoodie and since it is chocolate contest there were bowls of chocolate, a table of chocolate, and gift bags with chocolate. They had a blind taste testing of “mystery” ingredients and it was hinted that they may be some of the adventure ingredients. I did okay, guessing the almond flour and sweetened, condensed milk. I missed the third and final one, tamarind paste, which is not on this year’s adventure ingredient list. The only category this year is cupcakes. I feel inspired to try make some creations and enter the contest. ┬áPlus I have a lot of chocolate that I need to use.

The party was held at Orson, a restaurant by Elizabeth Faulkner. I have not eaten there, but I do like Citizen Cake. They had delicious appetizers, including mini fried chicken. The cupcakes (pictured above) were just okay. I liked the chocolate with a chocolate ganache the best (go figure!). There was a lemon with popcorn on top, but it had a weird “crust” on the bottom that caused the cupcake to lose some cupcake integrity and made it hard to eat. The last was a coffee/chocolate/fruit one, that was fine.

And I finally feel like blogging again! I hope to catch up with some previous recipes.

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