Chocolate Salon

I went to the Chocolate Salon in San Francisco and it was absolutely great. I unfortunately did not bring a camera so I can’t share any pictures. The only downsides were that it was very crowded and it was an unseasonably hot day; I was worried about the chocolate melting so I didn’t purchase any.  My favorite bar was from Amano Artisan Chocolate.   It was a 70% single source from Madagascar and was very fruity, but still dark chocolate.  I also liked the bar with chili powder from Jade Chocolates, but the girls at the table were totally useless and couldn’t tell me where I could buy it locally, they didn’t have any cards/brochures listing a website and basically I expect to never find this chocolate again.  I also enjoyed the truffles but none stand out as being outstanding.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Salon”

  1. The woman sitting at the booth was very rude to us. My aunt tried to speak to her in Tagalog. She rolled her eyes and snatched the samples away before we could grab one. Then she left the table to sample other vendors’ chocolates. The Dragon’s Breath was okay – not the best, not the worst. But who’s gonna buy their chocolate with that kind of service?

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