I’m Joining TWD v. 2.0!

I have been following Tuesdays with Dorie since the group started, but was nervous about the commitment and having to bake a recipe a week and blog them in a timely fashion.  I baked some of the first recipes (Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake and Snickery Squares) but could not convince myself to write-up the recipes to correspond to the schedule.  I realized I was not going to bake a recipe a week. Eventually the group loosened the participation a bit and I have made a lot of recipes from the book (not all of them managed to get written up on my blog).

I was really glad to see that the group was doing a version 2 with another book by Dorie Greenspan and less stringent requirements. The book, Baking with Julia: Savor the Joys of Baking with America’s Best Bakers, looks like it has a nice mixture of yeast-based breads and desserts so I won’t overdo the sweets.   I also like the the new format of the group that asks for 1 recipe a month and posts the recipes a month in advance.  I’m excited about participating and I hope to keep my blog updated and maybe even post some of my backlog recipes.

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