Snickery Squares, Modified

Snickery SquaresOnce again, from Dorie’s book, Baking, I made a recipe. This time it was the Snickery Squares that caught my eye.  However, I made several major modifications to this recipe. From my dulce de leche macarons, I had some praline made with almonds leftover that I used in place of the caramelized peanuts. I also had the remaining dulce de leche as well as the caramel from the banana cream pie. Instead of using a prepared dulce de leche (as suggested by the recipe) I mixed these two and heated them until it was creamy and it was just under 1.5 cups.  I used the chocolate topping followed by just a sprinkling of the almonds on top.  These were delicious.  They came out great and had a nice contrast of flavors.  The only downside is since I used a mish-mash of items, it will be hard to recreate exactly.  This was also a recipe selection of Tuesdays with Dorie.

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